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About Us KAPTCO offers opportunity to assess the performance of our employees and determine their suitability for the position in your organization before making a hiring commitment.

Our Contract-to-Hire services is a definite way to reduce costs to hire, check attrition rates and attract high caliber employees for any Organization.

Advantages of our Contract-to-Hire Program

Kaptco as the name implies is all about integrity! It is an integrity of thought, mind, values, attitude, quality, youth, experience, exuberance and seriousness. We strongly believe, that with the integrity of these qualities we can scale amazing heights and deliver the best in our endeavour. In the new age scenario, the role of HR has evolved to a pivotal position. CEOs today understand that a Human Resources Department is a critical component of employee well being in any business, no matter how small. HR is a valid link in the chain of the organisation.

  • No time lost in finding an applicant to fill the position.
  • Allows the clients to hire our contract employees on a full-time basis.
  • KAPTCO makes significant investment in the Recruitment, Evaluation and Selection of candidates from a pool of candidates.
  • Work history of the selected candidate is known to the client company.
  • The employee is already familiar with your business environment.
  • The need for additional screening, training, and interviewing is eliminated.
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Kaptco came into existence, with a vision, to assure a composite domain of skilled professionals. Over the Just Start Up, Kaptco Consultants has grown to be a best Talent & executive search, a preferred recruitment partner for our clients .
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